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The Pen and Ink Drawings

A master of whimsy, "years ahead of his time" in his reflections on humanity, and beloved as a Lafayette College professor, Johannes Gaertner's many drawings, created between the 1950's and 1990's, were done privately and remained hidden from view. 

SG & JAG - Easton PA crop.jpg

That is, until now.  25 years after his death, his daughter Susanna Gaertner has fulfilled a long-time desire, and brought the extensive collection to light.  Today his works appear fresh and coy and reveal a curious and contemplative mind. 


A retrospective exhibit of 75 pen and ink drawings, many created during his years as a professor at Lafayette College, 1946-1977, was held at the R. Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA in September of 2021.

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